Who I am today, is a mixture of who or what influenced me, where I lived and social demands. So this list cannot just contain writers, since so much has influenced and shaped this person. Me. This Neville. What about actors, actresses, teachers, politicians, objects, places, comics, music, food, films, TV programs and so on? So although I will enjoy updating this as time goes on, for reasons of sense, I will only create lists that are related to screen and fiction.


Ian Fleming
Frederick Forsyth
Agatha Christie
Quentin Tarantino - film scripts (have you read them?)
Elmore Leonard
Earl Stanley Gardner
Charles Bukowski
Leonard Cohen
Jeffrey Deaver
Donald E Westlake, Richard Stark or any of his pseudonyms
Ernest Hemingway
Khalil Gibran
Dashiell Hammett
Graham Greene
Raymond Chandler
Neil Gaiman
Stieg Larsson
Frederic Brown
Harlan Coben
Jo Nesbo
Patricia Cornwell
Robert Crais
James Crumley
Robert Ludlum
Ian Rankin
Mickey Spillane
John Wyndham


Quentin Tarantino
Ken Russell
Orson Welles (also writer and actor)

Jason Statham (he’s so Punk, down to Earth, compassionate)
Colin Farrell (another Punk, down to Earth and unpredictable)

Giveme Thyme (gettit)

My final selection is a handful of lifelong and long-lasting influences that had a profound effect on me and are still as powerful today.

Personal Influences (Not in any particular order)
Mother Nature
John Peel
Frank Zappa
Capt. Beefheart
My paternal grandmother
Osaria Petra Copperstone
Bill Ogilvie

'My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way.' - Ernest Hemingway