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Welcome, brother pen smiths ….

In my life, writing has followed me around.

From an early age, I have relished my roles as a poet, journalist, columnist, fiction writer, non-fiction writer, college course designer, teacher of Creative Writing and English, and screenwriter.

Writing, that dimension shifting quality sucking you and your readers into a world you are creating. Your world. Your likes, dislikes. Your hates, loves. Your opinions. The people you meet. The people you do not want to meet. Your romantic experience. Your fantasies. Your dreams. Your failures. Your emotions. Your past, present and future. Your what if? Your why? Your who?

Writing is you. There is always a percentage of you in your writing. Whether deliberate or not, you will leak everywhere in your writing. Consciously or otherwise you have crept into and between those written lines.

But that is the joy of writing. You are offering your opinion, your world, your history, you, behind your real name or nom de plume.

I want to end this section contradicting Ernest Hemingway - a great writer’s words, as seen below.

Mr. Hemingway, I say to you Sir, I am a first-born and I’m far from being shit.

It was a joke. I know what he meant.

'The first draft of anything is shit.' - Ernest Hemingway

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